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LifeCheck V4

Component Lifing is becoming more and more important in ensuring the reliability and safety of motorsport vehicles and engines. The finite design life of components combined with the high frequency with which components are exchanged between chassis means that accurate component lifing with a high number of lifed parts becomes a very complex task.

The LifeCheck range of software products tracks components and their lifing attributes to ensure that users can see at a glance which components are nearing their design life limits. Additional information such as life to next service, user defined test intervals (crack tests, calibration history etc.), weighted life and accident components can also be tracked.

The latest generation of the software, Lifecheck V4 is available at:

Over the last decade, unprecedented monetary easing by the worlds central banks has boosted the value of many hard commodities including precious metals.

JHA developed in 2008 to constantly compare prices and premiums on thousands of Gold, Silver and Platinum Bullion Coins and Bars to help buyers buy precious metals. also gathers precious metals related News, offers live bullion prices and charts, as well as other Gold, Silver & Platinum supply and demand metrics.

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Streetworks Manager

Based upon the development originally carried out for HAUC in the development of systems to administer Streetworks processes. JHA has re-developed the software as Streetworks Manager to provide Streetworks Managment to Utility Contractors.

More Information on Streetworks Manager can be found at:


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