Jon Hunt Associates Limited

JHA Limited

Welcome to JHA Limited. We are providers of original, innovative, and above all quality software solutions to organisations large and small.

JHA specialise in providing Web, Server & Mobile software solutions to run business processes with associated consultancy support. We have a proven track record of delivering systems bringing a huge range of benefits both tangible and in-tangible within all types of business.

Since 1998 we have been helping organisations from SME's to Multinational Corporations, in sectors as diverse as: Construction, Packaging, Information Services, Betting & Gaming, Insurance, Finance, Precious Metals, Facilities Management, Motorsport & Public Utility Streetworks.

LifeCheck V4

LifeCheck V4 is the worlds leading component lifing software package for motorsport. Lifecheck is available at

JHA developed, and operates, comparing prices on Gold, Silver & Platinum Bullion coins and bars. Providing an invaluable resource for professional and private physical precious metal investors.

Streetworks Manager

Streetworks Manager is a Web centric streetworks management suite developed for the Utilities Contracting industry.

Web Application Development

Web application development utilising a range of server-side and client-side technologies to deliver high quality Web Applications

Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development on a range of mobile platforms delivers integrated and high quality Mobile Applications


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CIP Ltd are an independent company specialising in providing jointless surfacing solutions to the UK civil engineering and construction industry. CiP

Bell Packaging

Bell Packaging are UK designers and manufacturers of transparent retail packaging, end closures, and folding cartons. Bell Packaging


HAUC Ltd are an independent road reinstatement company specialising in reinstatement of public utilities. HAUC

Priority TM

Priority Traffic Management are an independent Traffic Management company specialising in traffic management in London. PTM


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